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Lauren Moshi giveaway

Thanks to artistic clothing brand Lauren Moshi, we at are giving the chance to one lucky fan to bring home the super fierce Lauren Moshi Violet Tiger Face Fitted Zip Up Hoodie as seen on our Ashley Tisdale a couple of weeks ago! The upcoming Scary Movie 5 actress has been a fan of the brother and sister team products, Lauren and Michael, for a really long time: rocking a broad range of pieces, including sweatpants, tanks, tees, sweaters and even totes, to make her style fashionable and unique.

The Tiz is all about pieces of clothing featuring animals – just like the hoodie we’re currently giving away! In the past, she was seen wearing other Lauren Moshi‘s creations adorned with Rottweilers, seahorses and butterflies. If you want to get your hands on the fabulous Tiger hoodie, just check how to participate below: the method is really fun!


  • Like and Lauren Moshi on Facebook;
  • Leave a comment on this post telling us what is the animal that best represents YOU and why (only 1 comment per entry);


  • Giveaway starts today on Saturday, March 2nd and ends next week on Saturday, March 9th at 11:59PM PST;
  • During the 3rd week of March, we will pick the lucky winner of the Lauren Moshi Violet Tiger Face Fitted Zip Up Hoodie ($158,00) as seen on Ashley;
  • US sizes XS, S, M, L available;


  • Giveaway open worldwide;
  • Before leaving your comment, make sure to insert the link of your Facebook account in the “URL” box, so we can contact you in case of win;
  • Multiple Facebook accounts WON’T be accepted and WILL disqualify the caught user;

NOTE: Once you take part in the giveaway, you agree on the following: Lauren Moshi will ship the item at their expense as a gift to the winner, but the winner would be responsible for any additional duties and fees imposed by their respective customs officials. Lauren Moshi is not versed in the specifics imposed by each country nor do they retain responsibility once left their doors.



  • avatar Valentina Melendres on March 2nd, 2013 says:

    I think the animal that best represents me is the monkey, lol!! Cause the monkeys are very lovely with the people and they love the people like me, they always apreciate the love of the people and always they’re so FUNNY, they love eat bannanas like me and sometimes they’re bad like me too haha! Really I feel that the best animal that represents me is the monkey.

    • avatar Alyssa James on March 2nd, 2013 says:

      The animal that best represents me without a doubt is a tiger because I am fierce, aggressive and motivated to achieve what I want, very protective of my family (pack), and dedicated to reaching my goals with strength and passion.

      • avatar Edward on March 2nd, 2013 says:

        The animal that best represent me Is a PANDA i know is kinda crazy and rare but I’m in that way, I’m so lazy, but aggressive, and pandas aren’t racist They are Asian, black and withe.

        • avatar melanie arzamendia on March 2nd, 2013 says:

          The animal that represents me think is the cat, domestic cat, by their behavior and habits, they conserve energy by sleeping, have a period of hyperactivity, are good company, and do not need much. :)

          • avatar Juan Angel on March 2nd, 2013 says:

            The animal that best represents me is dog because it is a faithful friend, obedient and always with you. It is an intelligent animal, and protects people who want, is a love.

            • avatar Rafaela Tannuri C Cavalcanti on March 2nd, 2013 says:

              The animal that best represents me is a BIRD, because I’m free to “fly” arround the world and arround my mind, to discover new stuff about people and about myself. No one can stop a bird to go wherever it wants! Besides, as a bird, I’d fly arround the oceans until I can be next to one of the most beautiful, free, fierce and blond woman I know, as known as Ashley. This is my dream since 2006 and, as huge fan, I’d do anything to be near the one I love. I’d face a agressive tiger, a big monkey or an evil lion only with gracefulness and skills that a bird has. And I’d put my hoodie on to show everyone that a bird, even if with wings and no arms, can wear/be/show anything it wants. ‘Cause birds are free and unstoppable, just the way I am!
              (PS: I’m sorry if you guys don’t understand something, I’ve tried my best to write everything correct. Thank you so much!!)

              • avatar Hsiuyen on March 2nd, 2013 says:

                I think cat best represents me, because I’m not a outdoor kind of person. I enjoy staying in my own bubble, but also I like to snuggle with my loved ones when I feel like needing companion.

                • avatar Julieta on March 2nd, 2013 says:

                  My animal that identifies me think it’s the dog, because they are loving, happy, and like to be accompanied, I also like to play a lot, I like to eat lol: D Well, so the dogs are my favorite animals. Greetings!

                  • avatar Nikola on March 3rd, 2013 says:

                    I think my animal it´s the dog, because it´s a friend who doesn´t say anything … you need only face and you know, when something it´s good or bad … It is the most faithful friend and he never to reveal secrets :) And I like that I am silent and can advise only my face

                    • avatar Daria on March 3rd, 2013 says:

                      When I read the method of participating in the giveaway, I was really excited, because I love it, when you, guys, make a giveaway, which needs some writing skills.
                      Now to the topic.
                      I think, that the animal, which can be associated with me, is a horse. Horses are very gracious, though they are not so slim. Horses have beautiful hair, which is really long and healthy. I have long and beautiful hair too. (In fact, I guess it’s on of not so many of my pluses).
                      Now I can speak about the character as I’ve already told everything about the appearance.
                      Horses are mostly associated with freedom, wind, speed. So am I. I love to be free, though sometimes I have to adjust to someone’s ideas and actions. I love the wind (especially when it’s summer, but not -20 degrees Celcius), actually wind is my element, as my zodiac is Libra. I love also speed. And not only the speed of a car, a plane etc., but the speed in my life. Though I am only 17 and all my life is just coming, I feel like I’m doing not enough, I feel like I could have done more (though I’m already studying at the University and my mind sometimes understands, that it’s almost a top in my age). I love life, I love, how it gives us various challenges, because they make life more interesting, more exciting (and now let’s remember how horses participate in show jumping).
                      Though there are dozens of positive features in being similar to a horse, there are also some negative ones.
                      For example, as horses are in check, so I am bound to my relatives and not so many friends. It was so hard to live my hometown, that I felt, like I’m just ripped off my place.
                      Though horses are grasious, they are noisy, they often neigh. And I love talking, I do talk a lot, and I feel like a Sim, who has a lack of communication (lol). I guess you can see, that I love talking, when you look at my comment.
                      I think I’ve already said a lot on the topic, I hope that helps me to win your fabulous giveaway.
                      THANK YOU for these awesome opportunities to have the same items, our pretty miss Tisdale has worn.
                      Much love to you, Francis, Rachel, Linda!

                      • avatar Maggggggggiiieeeee on March 3rd, 2013 says:

                        I def would say it’s this:

                        I ever loved this cuz they color is fabulous and the butterflies look stunning!! I have ever been in love with this look and I actually have this pic on my wall ^^ That’s sooooooo cool!! But nothing against the other stuff, love them as well!!

                        BUTTERFLIES fly away!! :)

                        • avatar Dan on March 3rd, 2013 says:

                          I think the animal that best represents me is the cat. Cats are always selfish apparently, I don’t use to show a lot the love I feel, but I really adore people that care about me and actually I love them, but I prefer showing my feelings in different ways. And last but not less important, I definitely am vain like a cat, for me, every mirror should reflect my image. Hope to win!! XOXO =)

                          • avatar Vanessa on March 3rd, 2013 says:

                            Hm, this is a fun, but hard question! I really think my answer would be “a dog”! Why? Because I’m trustful (a dog is always there for you and you can give him all your trust), sometimes hyperactive, but then I just be the nicest and cutest Thing (sounds strange saying something like this about myself lol). I’m also very spoiled with Food (that fits a Little bit wth my own dog) & somethimes I’m annoying my parents haha yes :D Ok, isn’t it more a monkey? Haa no I stay with the dog ;P

                            Hope in the next giveaway you will also do questions like this! This makes so much more fun!

                            • avatar Ashley Tisdale zone on March 3rd, 2013 says:

                              It makes so much fun reading all the comments from the others! :D

                              I would describe me as a Butterfly … sounds weird, but I think it’s true!
                              I’m versatile/adaptable, but that doesn’t mean I change myself as a person! Sometimes I’m the craziest, happiest and the most idiotic person, but when the situation goes seriously I’m seriously and people can trust me. I don’t bite people. People like me, because describe me as a beautiful person inside. But there are also moments I’m shy, but then there are moments I fly to the people and sit down on their handy and gove my trust to them. I hope that doesn’t sound arrogant … but yes, I like myself and I think everyone should do this!

                              And I also think the seasons of a butterfly fit perfect to me! In Spring and Summer I flourish and in Autumm and Winter I’m introverted.

                              The only thing which doesn’t fit is that I love to live with other people, I love all my friends and I can’t fly alone through the world! So there I’m like a Bird!

                              I love to be a friendly butterfly!

                              • avatar Angie Claims on March 3rd, 2013 says:

                                I think that the animal that best represents me, it’s a dog. They are very good, devotion, beautiful. I love dogs. Dogs make me smile, and this is very important for me.

                                • avatar Annika on March 3rd, 2013 says:

                                  I think I’m like a elephant. Elephants are loyalty, strong and reliable. Also they are really emotional when someone hurts their family or died. So I really think I’m like a elephant. A little strong woman with a big heart :)

                                  • avatar Angelina Cvetkovska on March 3rd, 2013 says:

                                    The animal that best represents me is a dog i think.
                                    I am such an animal lover so i appreciate all of them, but being a good friend, loyal, always there for the other, helpful, faithful, brave are the things that perfectly match with one dog and me.
                                    In a dog’s eye you can see all their feelings and thoughts.
                                    And sometimes they show their happiness and smile trough their eyes.
                                    However, a dog is an animal that protect itself by other enemies, fights for what it deserves, forgives, but never forgets.
                                    It loves, so it can be loved.

                                    “Be the person, your dog thinks you are”
                                    Thank you Francis, Rachel & Lauren Moshi.
                                    Thank you…

                                    • avatar Hilary on March 4th, 2013 says:

                                      I identify with the groundhog. I like to sleep in…especially in the winter (can you blame the little guy for wanting to stay in til it’s warm?)!

                                      • avatar Ashley Marie on March 4th, 2013 says:

                                        I think the animal that best represents me is the butterfly. The reason why I chose this animal is because I’ve been through so much in my life & I’ve always been a very shy caterpillar most of my entire life. Ever since 2013 I’ve changed so much & opened up more that I’ve became a beautiful butterfly. And i’m glad I did.

                                        • avatar Mallory on March 8th, 2013 says:

                                          The animal, which best represents the “new me” is the Bird of paradise as it symbolises a very personal journey.
                                          Once I was the caged bird, unable to fly, silent, dull and separate to the world beyond my bars. My captor was an illness, but now the cage door has been opened and I am venturing out into the world. I am growing in confidence and learning to spread my wings, no longer confined by barriers.
                                          The beautiful colours represent my creativity, family and my love of art, drama, writing, music and the theatre. I surround myself with colour as this is where my happiness lies.
                                          The Bird of paradise is unique and rare. Every one of us is unique and of our own design.
                                          I too was once hunted and caged, but in the end I found a sanctuary and with support I found the freedom to become me again.
                                          I am no longer the dull, caged bird, who is separate and alone. I am learning to rise up above the hurdles and prejudice which have held me captive for so long. I am finding my wings, so I can leave behind the dull, grey climate. I am flying away towards the sun in search of my own little corner of paradise…..may you find yours too.
                                          Ha ha…… first stop will be LA!!!
                                          Francis, once again thank you sooo much for another Tistastic giveaway opportunity.

                                          • avatar tina on March 8th, 2013 says:

                                            i Like and Lauren Moshi on Facebook (Tina Maria)

                                            the tiger best represents me..fierce, smart, & strong!


                                            • avatar Agustina on March 9th, 2013 says:

                                              Tiger is my favorite animal, I love them! This Hoodie is beautiful, I remember when I saw it on Ash and I loved it!!
                                              What I really love about it is the facst that you can wear it with anthing you want! And the design is so beautiful, I just love it!

                                              • avatar Myriam on March 9th, 2013 says:

                                                I think the animal that best represents me is a Cat. I am sweet, honest and quiet, but I also enjoy being alone.

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