14 Million Likes on Facebook!

14 Million Likes on Facebook!

Congratulations are in order when you find out Ashley has reached the humongous and incredible number of 14 Million Likes on Facebook earlier today (March 1st), which is kind of a great way to start off the month! Back in June 2011, the Tiz posted a video on her YouTube page to thank her 10 Million “Followers” on Facebook – can you believe that was less than 2 years ago? [Thank you @AshleyUruguay for the heads up!]

Most recently, Tisdale reached her very first 1 Million Followers on Instagram and the Tis is also very close to hit 9 Million Followers on Twitter! We don’t have anything else to do if not, once again, congratulate Ashley on all her phenomenal achievements in the social networks world! This clearly proves how strong Tizzies are!

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