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Troy Jensen Exclusive Interview

We at had the HUGE privilege to exclusively interview top professional make-up artist and photographer Troy Jensen, who recently took care of the beach photo shoot that Ashley did in Malibu, CA. This incredibly talented and extremely available beauty expert worked for major magazines like Rolling Stone, Vogue, Allure, InStyle (just to name a few) and his celebrity clients list includes big names such as Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Megan Fox and Sarah Jessica Parker.

You can see Troy’s great kindness as he opens himself in the following questions, talking about his life, his career and of course, our very own Ashley Tisdale! This exclusive interview contains many tidbits on the Tiz photo shoot and the mention of an upcoming collaboration project! You wouldn’t want to miss this! Hi Troy! Can you tell Ashley’s fans more about yourself?
TJ: My name is Troy Jensen, I’m a celebrity make up artist and photographer. I live in Hollywood, California with my two French Bulldogs: Mylo and Darla Jean. I have been working in my profession for over 20 years. It’s my dream to one day be able to make my own mark in the beauty world. To inspire and educate the world about my industry. Make up isn’t just for a quick fix and to make a girl look pretty. It can be a tool to create the next movie star, goddess or pop star. It can inspire, provoke and turn people on… I hope to show the world that creating a look on my star clients is exactly the same process talented couture designers such as Givenchy, Christian Dior or Yves Saint Laurent were motivated by in creating the myth of a woman. As a photographer, I like to capture feelings, emotions, personality, and for me my tools are whatever is in my hand- my brushes and my camera. Do you travel a lot because of your profession?
TJ: I travel a lot in general. Next week I will be in Brazil with Megan Fox and I’m really excited. I’ve never been there before. I go to NYC a lot and I used to have an apartment there, but now I’m just in LA. Last year I was in London and Paris and it was amazing. I met Jean Paul Gautier and to watch this master at work was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I think I will always travel in work and my personal life. It’s just part of who I am. I need other places. Traveling, traveling! I love it!!! Over the years, who did you learn your make-up tips from?
TJ: Over the years I have been inspired by so many amazing artists, it’s when I try new ideas, products, colors and techniques, whether it’s with make up looks or photographic concepts that I really grow and evolve my work. Stepping out of my comfort zone. That’s how I grow as an artist. I’m in my own on going transformation as an artist, just like I transform faces for the camera and red carpet events. As much as I call it transformation, in fact it always was there, unseen to the naked eyes, because it had not received the nurturing attention of the discovery manifestation process. What cosmetic prods would you suggest to create the natural day look?
TJ: A few of my favorite make up products are: Revlon color stay liquid foundations are amazing for long wear and I use them for body make up too. Jouer cosmetics has some amazing cream eye shadows, blushes and highlighters. The new Clinique Chubby sticks for eyes are amazing and the Chubby sticks for lips now come in Intense color shades. I gave Ashley some Girlactik beauty’s Star Gloss’s, they come in an amazing range of shades. I’m a big fan of Susan Posnck’s Cosmetics Colorflo mineral powder foundation, Chanel’s Vitalumiere Smoothing Fluid Make up SPF #15. Benefit’s Girl Meet’s Pearl highlighter and the Bad Gal Mascara are always in my kit. I always have Dior, YSL, Guerlain, Estee Lauder, in my kit too! Is there a bunch of clients you particularly enjoyed working with?
TJ: In my career I have had the honor and pleasure of working with the worlds most beautiful and talented women in the world as well as the entertainment industry. These women have molded and remolded me in to the artist and man that I am. I call them my Muse’s… I couldn’t name just one or even a few. There are too many and they are all dear to me… Is there a dream celebrity you wish to work with one day in the future?
TJ: There are so many amazing celebrity women that I would love to meet and work with. I really like Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain, but also beauty icons like Michelle Pfeiffer, Julianne Moore and Bo Derek would be great to work with. I have been such a fan of theirs for years… What was your reaction like when you found out you would work with Ashley?
TJ: I have wanted to work with Ashley for some time and we have mutual friends. It finally worked out, and she booked me to do her make up for a recent magazine cover shoot. I have some upcoming projects with her and I’m excited… Stay tuned, lol! How would you describe Ashley and what is she like to work with?
TJ: Ashley is an individual. She is a girl comfortable in her own skin. She enjoys the process of make up, hair and fashion. For Ashley Tisdale, it is about individuality or bringing that dormant individuality forward to take shape and form. Let’s face it, she’s gorgeous with or without make up, but what makes her so appealing is that she’s so easy going and down to earth and she is a one of a kind. She’s not trying to be someone else… That’s the most beautiful quality about Ashley Tisdale. Is there a part of her face you found particularly pretty, as a make-up artist?
TJ: Ashely’s features? Well, her skin is perfect! And she’s a real naturally pretty girl. I was surprised when I heard her age, I thought she was still in her teens, lol… I really love her eyes too! Can you tell us something more about Ashley’s photoshoot and what can her fans expect from it?
TJ: Well I was very surprised with the shoot. Because for this particular magazine. This shoot with Ashley was a very different direction for them to go, and… it was Ashley’s idea! Any behind-the-scenes photos to share from the photoshoot, besides the ones already posted on Twitter?
TJ: Behind the scenes? Hmmm, well I would love to, but I promised not to release anything until the magazine issue comes out… It was a really amazing shoot. Tizzy fans will be very pleased! What are your dreams for 2013 and when can we see you next?
TJ: 2013 has already been so amazing. I have several photo shoots I’ve done that will be out soon and I’m going to Brazil with Megan Fox for an event at Carnival. I have a TV show in development with one of my long time celebrity clients, and “Muse”, and few amazing beauty products that I will be endorsing and developing. I will be working on something special for the Oscars this year. At the moment I am really happy with my life and career and I thank God every night that I’m healthy and that my family and friends are well and close to me. As for my future? My passion is beauty and my art is make-up and photography. I still have so much I want to do. Who knows what’s to come, but I am grateful to be doing what I love… Thank you I will be posting info on an upcoming project with Ashley Tisdale very soon and I hope to hear from you all… xoxox Troy

We deeply thank Troy Jensen once again for this amazing opportunity and for all the time he dedicated to us and we look forward to hearing from him next! To show your support and stay connected with this self-proclaimed Tizzie, here’s the pages and websites you should definitely check out and follow! | Facebook | Twitter | Facebook | Twitter


  • avatar AleX on February 7th, 2013 says:

    So I guess he kinda confirmed that the maxim photoshoot will be for an upcoming cover lol. Should be exciting. And interested in the upcoming project. Could Ashley have booked him for another magazine shoot or will this be for his stuff. Either way can’t wait. Great interview

    • avatar tamara on February 8th, 2013 says:

      awesome interview. He sounds very nice :) I’m excited for more :D

      • avatar Vanessa on February 8th, 2013 says:

        He’s so nice! Thanks for showing us some parts of your lifetime! :)

        • avatar Francis on February 8th, 2013 says:

          I didn’t realize, until I checked his website, how lucky I was to interview him… I mean, the list of magazines and celebrities he worked for is never-ending! Really really happy of the way the interview came out- he was so kind to open himself and tell us lots of things on his life and Ashley!

          Thank you guys for the positive reviews on the interview! I particularly enjoyed reading (and doing) it too! CAN’T wait to hear from him about the upcoming collaboration… we will surely let you know first!

          • avatar Daniel on February 8th, 2013 says:

            such a nice interview :’] and oMfG if the maxim photoshoot is a cover… crying sobbing dying LOL.
            can’t wait to hear more from the upcoming projects! 2013 the year of the tiz tbh.

            • avatar Francis on February 8th, 2013 says:

              YES, I was very excited when I read him saying “cover shoot”… even if the magazine won’t be for Maxim, at least we know she’s gonna appear on another magazine’s cover besides The Icon Mag :)

              • avatar Mallory on February 9th, 2013 says:

                WOW! This interview is so proffesional, it answers everything we all needed to know. Troy seems a really nice guy – talented, handsome, smart and generally very nice. Thank you for this interview! love ya forever. xoxo

                • avatar Alex on February 11th, 2013 says:

                  @Francis- Yeah, i think he is referring to the maxim shoot as the covershoot because that is the only time that the two of them have worked together so far. And I am guessing that her issue will probably be the April issue, which would come out next month. Elisha Cuthbert (ABC show happy Endings) is on this months cover. And I am very excited at what he is implying, saying that the shoot is different from the usual shoots that maxim does.

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