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Boutique To You Giveaway

We’re very happy to team up once again with our good friends over at Boutique To You for a special giveaway collaboration featuring as prize the lovely Vintage Havana Skull Sweater as recently seen on Ashley this month! While visiting the Andy Lecompte salon for a hair appointment, the Tiz rocked this sweet confection, looking brighter and more beaming than usual, anticipating the arrival of spring. Now TWO of you could be the lucky winners of this contest and win that same gorgeous sweater!

In addition to the Vintage Havana sweater in jade/ivory, our friends at Boutique To You were so kind to even give away as extra gift their BTY 24oz Travel Tumbler which Ashley was even spotted carrying with herself in December 2012 while entering the Blondie Girl Productions office!

Check the info below to see how to participate and win both prizes!


  • Follow and Boutique To You on Twitter;
  • Tweet the following message: “RT & Follow @ATorgWeb & @boutiquetoyou to enter to win the Vintage Havana Skull Sweater as seen on @ashleytisdale!”;


  • Giveaway starts today on Thursday, February 20th and ends on Thursday, March 6th at 11:59PM PST;
  • During the 2nd week of March, we’ll select 2 lucky winners at random who’ll receive both one Vintage Havana Skull Sweater ($65,00) and one BTY 24oz Travel Tumbler ($8,00) each, as seen on Ashley;


  • Giveaway open worldwide;
  • Multiple Twitter accounts WON’T be accepted and WILL disqualify the caught user;
  • The number of RT’s will increase chances of winning; [NOTE: Spam is NOT allowed- the maximum times of RT’s should be around 10 per day. An excessive number of RT’s will cause disqualification.]

NOTE: Once you take part in the giveaway, you agree on the following: Boutique To You will ship the item at their expense as a gift to the winner, but the winner would be responsible for any additional duties and fees imposed by their respective customs officials. Boutique To You is not versed in the specifics imposed by each country nor do they retain responsibility once left their doors.

This amazing giveaway is worldwide and Twitter-based, so all of our visitors definitely have a chance to join and try to win the 2 prizes showed above. For any questions or doubts, please ask away after the jump. Good luck guys!



  • avatar Angel on February 21st, 2013 says:

    Yeeeeey. That’s so great :’) Wish I could win one…. #tiz

    • avatar destiny on February 22nd, 2013 says:

      I try :) But I can’t understand it full, but I understand…

      • avatar S on February 22nd, 2013 says:

        Yay, worldwide! :)
        I love your giveaways, although I never won. Maybe I have more luck this time…

        • avatar CrazyMaqqii on February 22nd, 2013 says:

          That’s soooooooo generous . As I saw those pics on here I have nothing more wanted as to own the same sweater. I loved this amazing style! Thank you soooo much!! :)

          • avatar CrazyMaqqii on February 22nd, 2013 says:

            That’s soooo generous!! As I saw those pics on here I was having only one wish, to have the same sweater as my very first idol has! I loved that ”start of spring” style!! Really beautiful! Thank youuu both, ATorg and BTY sooo much!

            • avatar Tugce on February 22nd, 2013 says:

              Yay! Open worldwide! Wish I could win one too! #loveit

              • avatar Francis on February 22nd, 2013 says:

                @destiny if there’s anything you didn’t understand and want me to clear up, please go ahead :)

                So happy you like our giveaway’s prize choice… Love your excitement!

                • avatar Teresa on February 22nd, 2013 says:

                  Yayyy one more amazing giveaway!!! May I send in more than one tweet????

                  • avatar Monique on February 22nd, 2013 says:

                    I always try to participate but I never find out who was the winner…

                    • avatar Lenka on February 23rd, 2013 says:

                      OMG … That’s sooooo amazing!! You are amazing !!!! Wish I could win one ;) …

                      • avatar Jacqueline on February 23rd, 2013 says:

                        Is Ashley still filming Scary Movie 5? I thought she has already finished it :) I’m just asking because of her photos and entries on Twitter ;)

                        • avatar S on February 24th, 2013 says:

                          Hi, I have a question. Is it enough to tweet the message or do we have to retweet it?? Cause I don’t know how to retweet my own tweets. Is that even possible?

                          • avatar Alex on February 25th, 2013 says:

                            @Jacqueline- They are doing reshoots for the film. Those usually only take up a few days to maybe a week, depending on the amount of scenes they want to redo or how many they want to add. It is a standard for many films.

                            And off topic, but who else is pretty disappointed that Ashley chose not to attend any of the oscar parties. Those are great parties to get your name out there abd make connections. plus, depending on what you wear, those could be your big red carpet moments.

                            • avatar Francis on February 25th, 2013 says:

                              @Teresa yes! To increase chances of winning, you can tweet around 10 times per day the following message “RT & Follow @ATorgWeb & @boutiquetoyou to enter to win the Vintage Havana Skull Sweater as seen on @ashleytisdale!

                              @Monique we always contact winners via DM (if giveaway is Twitter-based) and messages (when it’s on Facebook) – sometimes emails too when they need to be reachable. Most of the times, when winners actually receive the prize of the giveaway they won, they usually post a picture on their Twitter page and we RT it :)

                              @Jacqueline this past week she was busy with Scary Movie 5 re-shoots but everything should be completed now!

                              @S no, it’s not asked to RT messages… just to tweet and, if you want to increase your chances of winning, to tweet around 10 times per day :)

                              • avatar Francis on February 25th, 2013 says:

                                @Alex I kinda am- especially ’cause her publicist told me Ashley was invited to partIES, not just one. That could’ve been a chance to be seen more, make connections and stuff…

                                Pretty sure the Scary Movie 5 reshoots were over on Friday (according to Simon’s tweet), so Ashley could attend the parties she was invitated to if she wanted- but during the weekend she also tweeted she was sick so maybe she preferred to stay home and rest.

                                • avatar Alex on February 26th, 2013 says:

                                  Francis- Based off of Sarah Hyland’s tweet, I think they are still doing reshoots. His parts were probably finished. My guess is that they are probably adding an alternate ending or adding in a completely new scene. But I do think she was off for the week end. I really do wish she attending some though. But oh well, its in the past now lol.

                                  Hey francis, do you know if you can contact ashley’s publicist, and ask if she will be doing a promo tour for Scary movie?

                                  • avatar Francis on February 26th, 2013 says:

                                    @Alex Yeah I just figured that out- I thought Ashley was done re-shooting her scenes too, but apparently it was just Simon’s. Can’t wait to see Sarah in the movie!

                                    Yes, I can totally ask her! When Ashley came here in Europe to promote SFA, I was even told the different stops in the countries Ashley would go to- so if I’m lucky again, Gina will share the SM5 stops too! They will probably be confirmed around March/April, so I guess I’ll have to ask that later on, but I will start by asking if there’s going to be a promo tour for the movie :)

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