1 Million Followers on Instagram!

1 Million Followers on Instagram!

It’s very exciting to find out that Ashley reached her very first 1 million followers earlier today (February 19th) on Instagram! The Tiz has been using the popular app since December 2011 (remember her first Instagram photo- the Stephen King book?) and since then, she’s been constantly active on the social network sharing pictures with her fans of her family, behind-the-scenes at work, events of every kind and many other moments of the day!

If you own an Instagram account, make sure to follow @ashleytis if you want to keep up on her daily adventures! Once again… congrats on your first 1 million followers on Instagram, Ashley! We see many more coming up soon!

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  • avatar lolo on February 19th, 2013 says:

    omg i saw that this morning and i was like, no way!! i’m so proud and genuinely happy for her. it might sound a little bit cheesy but i really am, i mean, she always posts gorgeous and interesting pictures that allow us, her fans to have a glimpse of what her life looks like. she was the first person i followed when i joined instagram and it’s always a pleasure when i see she posted something!

    • avatar Alex on February 19th, 2013 says:

      It is always nice to see just how popular she is in terms of social media.

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